Bahar Bitki Vitaminleri ve Peyzaj Reklam Promosyon Hizmetleri San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Our company has been manufacturing and marketing vitamins for plants, stick and powder fertilizers, leaf polishes, silver sprays, and floral foams since 1998. We started with manufacturing of composite liquid fertilizers for domestic plants, and we increased the number of our products within a very short period of time, and we managed to become a reliable company with sustainable product quality. For that reason, we have had our products registered by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs. With our Certificate of Production number 271 issued by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, we continue our Research & Development activities rapidly to manufacture a wider range of products with higher quality. Beside the products that we manufacture, we also prepare your fertilizers as per the requested formulations.

For a strong and powerful plant, it is necessary for the plant's body to have these three macro and micro elements in balanced amounts.

The plants need Macro and Micro elements according to their types, species and their living environment. Having the elements in the earth rapidly in their body the plants, after some time, come to uch a state as they cannot meet their Macro and Micro nutriment needs. This case prevents healthy and strong growth of the plants and the development stops.

The plants are reinforced with Macro and Micro elements and they again gain their strong and healthy structure in a short time. The liquid nutriments and the fertilisers that we make according to the needs af the plants meet any basic needs of the plants and ensure their being stronger, brisker and longer-lived.

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